Mobile Gamification

ViKtory Now is a mobile app that focuses on gamification as a tool to drive essential institutional and corporate metrics.  From client acquisition to retention and sales team motivation, ViKtory Now provides your company with an exciting motivation tool for you to use to accomplish your goals and modify behaviors.  


Harassing, mundane, traditional, communication methods are replaced with a fun, fresh, enthusiastic mobile gaming app.

Gamification uses rewards and incentives to keep everyone excited and interested to be in the game!


Gamification to Motivate and Engage 

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Sales Team

  Motivate salespeople with rewards while being the driving force to accomplish sales outcomes. Let the company’s human capital focus on training, leadership, and accountability.

Student Success Platform

ViKtory Now is a mobile app platform designed to help school operations. The gaming concepts work to drive your institutional school metrics and lead to a high ROI.

Outside Sales Platform

Help reps establish relationships with prospects and inject some fun into the sales cycle with ViKtory Now. Continuously engage and interact with prospects through games. 


Solution Advantages

Industry Agnostic

Any industry that requires motivation to drive outcomes can use ViKtory Now as a gamification mobile solution.

By utilizing our open API, ViKtory Now can integrate with any ERP, CRM, SIS, LMS, or any HR software solution.

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Mobile Importance

It has to be Mobile

The Creators

Jason has 20+ years working and learned one thing, 

"If it's not fun, it won't get done."

In his free time, he enjoys long walks on the beach and storytelling by the campfire.

Zack has13+ years of operations experience and learned one thing,

"It won't get done, if it's not fun". Zack is also a graduate of Penn State University.


Our Development Team

The same developers who created KLASS APP bring you ViKtory Now!

We worked closely with the development team of KLASS APP to create a mobile gaming software tool.

Easy to customize, secure and works with most systems. 


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