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Reward student engagement in real-time with our fun and easy to use GAMIFICATION mobile app. 

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Now you can make learning fun by providing your staff and faculty with integrated games into your curriculum.


Let students earn real-time rewards points, which helps to increase their learning engagement and mastery of tasks via competitive classroom games.


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Capitalize on Gen Z'ers and Millenials Students Affinity to Gaming and Learning.  

Both students and teachers want to learn and teach in real-time, have fun, feel rewarded, acknowledged, and connected during our stay at home learning reality. 


Now is the perfect time to leverage a mobile rewards app engagement tool while everyone is in a distance learning scenario.  


You can help teachers to make assignments and learning tasks in a fun and creative way.  Today's tech-savvy Gen Z'ers and Millennial students do everything on mobile devices.


Why not take advantage of this and all it takes is the ViktoryNow mobile app.


Create fun trivia like assignments with educational videos, fun polls, and leaderboards to make classroom learning a friendly, competitive gamification lesson plan.  You are still teaching to learning outcomes, but making the student engagement behavior more fun, real-time, and incentivized by a reward point system.


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Students are Thirsty for Knowledge.

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